February 2, 2022 Carolina Medellin

You’ve probably read those stories about successful companies having started in a garage and asked yourself—is that true? Well, in the case of ONR, it is. In 2018, the app that’s changing the way Florida associations are being managed was still an iteration in beta mode. Carlos Guzmán, Alan Guvoschi, and Nicolás Turbay—a group of young entrepreneurs in Miami—were dreamers wanting to change the way building associations operated in Florida, pulling all-nighters in their car shed. As they tinkered with new bits of software and polished their design, they hoped their passion project would one day become the number one solution for a unified community experience.


Today, ONR is an essential tool for building associations, solving problems on all levels, providing a smooth run-of-show. From the process in which packages are dealt with, to the way amenities are being reserved and paid for electronically, and the procedures behind front desk requests and digital voting, ONR has evolved thanks to its multidimensional approach (which included going back to the drawing board, failing many times until hitting the right strategy, and expanding capabilities from their garage). Today more than 220 condos and HOAs benefit from this indispensable digital tool, accommodating the individual needs of managers, board members, owners, and residents thanks to its growing resources, as well as a team that provides essential solutions and customer satisfaction.

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