April 18, 2022 Laura Areiza

Property managers have a lot to worry about. Between handling the needs of residents, staff, board members, and contractors – stress is inevitably part of their everyday life. But over time, the physical, mental, and emotional consequences of that stress can add up and even cause real medical problems. To take control of your stress, it’s important to both find the right support from qualified professionals and also to practice some stress-reducing habits in our daily routine.

These are 3 tips for property managers to help relieve stress:


Focus on People and Delegate

Having everything under control doesn’t necessarily mean doing everything yourself. Even if you’re great at every job you do, taking on too much can quickly lead to burnout. Focus on building a strong team that you trust, so you can delegate more tasks and know that they’ll be done correctly.



 Avoid Procrastination and Overthinking

Stressful situations like delayed payments, communicating with board members, and meeting board member’s expectations are frequent occurrences when running an association. But overthinking each and every problem that arises can lead to you getting involved in a way that isn’t productive. Worse, trying to perfectly resolve every issue that comes across your plate can result in you putting off other important tasks, which only leads to more stress. Instead, when stressful situations arise, take a breath, look at it from a distance, and make sure you’re not investing more in it than you have to.


Woman un black activewear exercising


Don’t Forget Self-Care and Exercise

Getting a handle on work isn’t the only key to reducing stress. Physical activity has been shown to release hormones that reduce stress and improve your mood. Disconnect from your daily routine by choosing an activity that you enjoy. Additionally, eating healthy, getting a good night’s sleep, going to therapy if you need it, and making time for hobbies are all important to your overall well-being.


Less Stress = Better Community Living

Reducing stress is not only better for your wellbeing, but when you’re less stressed, you’ll have more time and energy to devote to your community. At ONR, we’re constantly collaborating with property managers to create solutions that help them streamline their processes and engage with residents.

To learn about how ONR’s Power Admin can help reduce your stress, get in touch today.